What do I know?


Completing a Master in Management and a Master of Science in Digital Marketing at Skema Business School in France.

I have spent one semester abroad at North Carolina State University and another semester in San Francisco. Graduated Ingemedia (Master 1), and have been a Web Analyst, International Digital Coordinator and Digital Consultant respectively for Groupe Renault and the Crédit Agricole.

I have a combination of knowledge in the digital sector and in international business. A lot of capabilities acquired during my studies and work experience. International junior head of project with an ability to manage in a multicultural environment creative and technical team.


International Project Management

I have been leading digital projects in more than 25 different countries during my gap year while leading international trainings and digital media projects. 



Social Media Analytics

I have been leading the social media metrics for Groupe Renault at an international level while leading the KPIs for the Renault F1 project and designing the data mining global process to leverage the efficience of the ADS infrastructure. 

User Experience

During my academic and professional path I've learnt on a technical perspective how to create efficiently digital content through adapted and user friendly interface.

Digital Analytics and development

Being a web analyst has been part of my professional path and I'm confortable with the use of metrics, analytics tools and tag management process while having a strong knowledge of web and data base languages.

Digital Brand Protection

I have been part of the social-media and online reputation department of Groupe Renault while designing the domain name policy and the international online brand protection protocol. 

Tools I use the most


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