What do I know?


I have a combination of knowledge in the digital sector and in international business. A lot of capabilities acquired during work experiences and my studies. International Business Product Owner lead end to end managing creative and technical talents in a multicultural environment.

I graduated from Skema Business School with Master in Management and a Master of Science in Digital Marketing.

I have previously spent one semester abroad at North Carolina State University and 9 months in San Francisco. Graduated Ingemedia (Master 1), and have been a Web Analyst, International Digital Coordinator and Digital Consultant respectively for Groupe Renault and Crédit Agricole.



International Project Management

I am leading digital strategic projects in more than 25 different countries as a scrum agile guru.

Social Media Analytics

I am leading the social media lead acquisition for Groupe Renault at an international level and designed the data mining global process to leverage the efficience of the ADS infrastructure.

User Experience

I lead the UI/UX on the business value chain for 5 different interfaces used in several countries (BtoB and BtoC projects), GAFA UX integration and mobile experience being my first priority.

Digital Analytics and development

Being a web analyst has been part of my professional path and I am comfortable with the use of metrics, analytics tools and tag management process while having a strong knowledge of web and data base languages.

Digital Brand Protection

I have been part of the social-media and online reputation department of Groupe Renault while designing the domain name policy and the international online brand protection protocol. 

Tools I use the most


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