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Icon Crédit Agricole Bank

Consultant for Crédit Agricole

Clock Icon6 Months - Until Now 

I'm currently a junior consultant for Crédit Agricole in charge of a project developed with 8 students from the Master Of Science Digital Marketing at Skema. We are working closely with the head of marketing and the head of communication and social network at the headquarter. The aim of our project is to modernize and develop the DNA of the brand online while leading a disruptive change over the customer relationship.
-  Social Network Strategy - Customer Care Change leading
- User Experience - Lead Management
- Traffic management - Website and CRM Strategy
-Media Plan - Storytelling

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International Digital Coordinator

Clock Icon6 Months

I have been part of the "Connected Cars" and "Digital Factory" department. I was in charge of the agile reporting process for the social networks in more than 30 countries while going through digital performance, lead management and content strategy. I have also led the domain name strategy and the online brand protection for all the brands of the firm.
- Define and execute the international domain name strategy.
- Digital brand protection.
- Agile survey deployment in more than 14 countries.
- Support local team in more than 30 countries over performance metrics.
- Digital performance and user experience.
- Social Media Content performance and strategy.
- Lead management and user experience on the Social Media.
- Lead Social Media Data Analysis and agile KPIs.

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Icon Goupe Renault

Icon Goupe Renault

Web and Social Media Analyst

Clock Icon6 Months

I joined the Digital performance and Social media department at Groupe Renault (Digital Factory). I have led the deployment of an agile survey on all platforms in more than 14 countries for the Digital Performance Department while leading international website performance reporting, agile process, online reputation and content strategy for the Social Media Department. 
- Designed a global tag process for the Social Media Department
- Define KPIs with appropriate reporting suite for the Contact Strategy Department
- Online reputation: reporting and analyze
- Crisis reporting
- Data analysis for the Social Media Department for both brands (Renault and Dacia)
- Deployment of an agile digital survey in more than 14 countries
- Support and assist local team (Europe, South America, Africa, Middle-East)
- Lead the global training process for the local community manager on data analysis tools
- User experience
- Digital Performance
- Domain Name management
- Lead management
- Social Media Content (Cop 21 Event)
- Define KPIs on the social networks Campaign for Renault sport Formula 1 team.

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Junior Digital coordinator

Clock Icon4 Months

I did two internships (4 months each) during my path at “Ingemedia” both of them at “Médiatone”.
Médiatone is a company specialized in luxury multimedia products, professional theatre equipment, outdoor/boat electronic equipment and home automation. I have been leading the digital communication of the brand and I have also set a network of partnership to promote the brand through a digital device.
- Traffic management - Design of an IOT
- Social Media Content and community management
- Event Marketing - Local Advertisement Strategy

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Icon Mediatone

Icon university projects

Junior Digital Chief of project

Clock Icon 16 Months

During my path at Ingemedia I have been a Junior digital chief of project over two university projects (bachelor and Master). A first project dedicated to the internet of things while designing a connected device, developing a dedicated platform and a global digital strategy to support the launch of the product. The second project has been dedicated to the development of an IOS Application based on the new consumers behavior over readings on tablets. I have been managing creative and technical teams on both projects (9 students).
- Managing technical and creative team
- Project management - Media Plan
- Web design and conception - User experience
- Video expertise (Multiple Motion Design) - Story Telling

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